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Today we will know what is the difference between coin master and pet master game and which game you should play.

Pet Master

First we know about Pet Master game which was launched last year. Pet Master is a mobile game similar to Coin Master and the gameplay is almost the same. But you will get more features in this and the tasks will also be different.

In Pet Master we have to complete the camp. It also has a slot machine, which requires a spin to operate. In this we have to complete the camp. Along with this, here we also get to see a board game, which is like Ludo.

Pet Master has 80k reviews and more than 1M downloads on the Play Store. In the last few days, the number of people downloading it has increased. You can play it to get new experience.

Coin Master

Most of you would know about coin master game. But for those who do not know, let us tell that Coin Master is a mobile game. In this game the village has to be completed. It requires some coins and spins.

The coin master game consists of a slot machine that requires spins to operate. Every time the machine is run, we get some gift. Which helps us to advance in the game.

You just have to have spin. You can get a lot out of spin. Like Coins, Spin, Shield, Raid etc and many more. But due to not being able to spin, many people are left behind and they are not able to play the game. Here we have told how you can get free spins.

Now if we talk about Coin Master, there are 6M reviews and 100 million downloads on Play Store. If you have not played this game yet, then you can try playing it once.

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