ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission: Redefining the Gaming Experience for VR Adopters

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission

Release Date: 10/02/2018

Genre: Action / Platformer

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Developer: JAPAN Studio

astro bot rescue mission game review

The upcoming Platformer ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission promises to deliver what the VR adopters have not experienced yet. With the twitch-control feature, pixel-perfect jumping, platforming-based gameplay, and high creativity, the game is claimed to provide the users with the best VR gaming experience. You can easily participate in the game directly through the exclusive and special gadgets.

Developed by Sony Japan Studio that is credited to create the Playroom VR, ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission is scheduled to release on PS VR on October 2, 2018. The game engages the full technological advantages of PS VR in creating and animating the platforming game. After the announcement of ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission release date, the VR adopters are highly excited to get the hands-on experience of rescuing bots in an advanced platforming game.

It allows you to enjoy the thrilling surprises in 360 degrees without any technical obstacles. Due to the 3D platforming and depth of PS VR, the game lets you take a better view while searching the hidden path. While moving your body, the game takes you through every corner to find out a safe path for your character.

It is as spontaneous as the character responds to your moves and jumps instantly. Experts believe that the new features and pixel-perfect jumping would provide the VR lovers with a new kind of gaming experience.

Thrilling Experience of Battling with Big Bosses

The game has been advanced with even more exciting missions. You have to battle with big level bosses, and the rescue mission becomes even more challenging after completing every platforming mission. Every stage has a slew of traps and big bosses to fight with, and you will have to rescue 8 lost Bots in every mission. The game contains 20 exceptional and thrilling levels, and all are based on the technical edge of PS VR. And every level would take you through the dark caves, challenging path, jungles, beaches, and city skylines.

Best of all, the game provides you with more challenges after every successful mission. You will find 6 giant bosses creating hindrances for you while you rescue your lost crew. In the latest platforming VR, the level of the excitement of this upcoming game would leave you with an unforgettable experience.

Special Weapons and Features to Help You Rescue Your Bots

The ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission game provides the players with some new gadgets and weapons that help the players take on every challenging path. The DUALSHOCK 4 controller gives you a bunch of tools and weapons such as a hook shot, a water gun and ninja stars that you can use to fight against the giant bosses.

In addition, you will be given some extra jumping and punching skills to overcome sudden challenges in your way. And more interestingly, the developers have added 26 extra challenging mission to this new so as to satisfy your thrust for more. It will testify your skill to face the challenges while rescuing your Bots.

Key Features in ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission PS VR

1- Five Unique and Useful Gadgets in One Controller 

The DUALSHOCK 4 controller is being termed to be the most interesting feature in ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission game as it comes in loaded with 5 unique gadgets. It contains a water cannon, deadly ninja starts, a hook, cross ravines, and slingshots.

2- 20 Challenging Missions and 6 Giant Bosses to Fight with

You will have to testify your gaming skills in 20 challenging levels and every level will have some surprising obstacles. It will let you explore sandy beaches, rooftops, and deadly caves. And more interestingly, you will have a fight with 6 giant bosses in every level while rescuing your ASTRO bots.

3- 26 Extra New Challenging Levels:

If you have craving for getting more challenges, then the upcoming Bot Rescue Mission game would provide you with 26 extra levels other than the 20 missions. And every level is technically advanced to testify your gaming skills.

4- Build Up Your Own Collection Room:

The coins earned during the game can be used for building up an interactive collection room of your past missions.


Since the release date of ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission game is just around the corner, the game PS VR enthusiasts are much excited to get an experience of the reinvented platforming gameplay. It involves the full technical edge of PS VR platforming technology with a 360-degree view of every corner in the game.

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