The Witcher Console Commands and Cheats : Full defined guidance

The Witcher Console Commands and Cheats : Full defined guidance

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In recent times PC games have become quite interesting and it has also become something that has given birth to a new profession in this era who are called gamers. There are many such games that we have had since our childhood and are still running in the industry like a hot cake with some of their updates and tweaks. Most of the games that can be seen in this current generation are built for PC. So, having a common gaming console along with a huge number of playing options the users are becoming pretty much picky with the games. Even if they are picking the game, there is a huge competition within the gaming community where every player is trying to give their best.   

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The Witcher: Brief Introduction

One of these games with the PC console has been the Witcher. Witcher is a role-playing fantasy game with a third-person player view where the main story revolves around the main player who is the witcher himself. The main job the Witcher needs to do is travel from one land to another land and hunt the different monsters. So, the Witcher is a monster-hunter who hunts the monsters for a living. But the Witcher is no ordinary monster-hunter, he has some of the powers that help him to accomplish the job.

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The game first made its debut in the gaming industry in the year of 2007. The game has been inherited from a novel named “The Witcher” written by an author from Poland, Andrzej Sapkowski. The game was first developed CD Projekt red and was published by atari for the Windows platform. Even a TV series has been released on Netflix with the same name casting Henry Cavill as the Witcher itself, the “Man Of Steel” star.

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Now, the main question that comes in our mind now, why are we talking about this game today? The main reason is that being a PC game, there is a huge amount of competition within the player community that cannot be denied and most of the players try to get past the other one. So, it can be understood that they need a push to go up. That is why here are some of the cheats for the players playing who can break some of the early eggs. So, let us go and have a look at the cheats that can be used.

The Witcher: Cheats And How To?

While talking about the game itself, there some of the parts that have been released for the same game story. Respectively they are The Witcher, The Witcher 2, and the last and final part is the Witcher 3. So, we will go one by one.

The Witcher 1

  • In this game, there is a moment where the player has to play a dice game within the game itself. Generally, the dice animation is pretty much slow and can waste a significant amount of time on the gameplay itself. To reduce that time the users can right-click and hold it while the animation is going on. It will be fast-forwarded and the time will be saved for further gameplay.

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  • As we have discussed that the Witcher has some of the powers that help the players to kill the monster. Now, the players have to get those talents one by one each and have to meditate as well. Once you meditate and are done with it then the players will be able to use the coin sound. So, at that time the player should go back again and have to meditate. So, it will work like a cycle and the player will collect as much money they want.
  • There is one specific task that the players need to do is to collect different oils ingredients in order to make them. Some of the oils take three ingredients and some of the oils take five. So, in order to know them properly better get the talent ability from the intelligence talent tree.

The Witcher 2

  • In order to progress through the game, the player will be needing some special units named as the orens. Now, in order to get 200 orens in place of 30  orens the first thing the player needs to do is first practice arm-wrestling at the blacksmith’s place in the war camp. Then after that, the player needs to go to the king’s inner camp and there the player will be able to find the champion. If the player answers everything properly and wins the arm-wrestling then players can win 200 orens. 

So, these were some of the initial pushes that the player can use in order to have some extra knowledge and ideas for how to progress through the game faster than any other player playing the same game. Hope this helps.

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