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Amidst the current outbreak of novel Coronavirus, the sports league has been on a long haul. That being said, the executives have been going desperate to get sports back on track. But even then, they’ve come up with a new idea. The new idea is the introduction of biodome. Just to get the sports enthusiasm back, executives have been thinking of making a bubble platform to play. 

The idea had previously emerged from England’s Premier League. However the English Premier League was en route to finish its season. And hen the whole quarantine took place and froze all activities. Amidst all of this, the Televiosn industry has obviously lost a lot of money when the quarantine broke in. To get back it’s pace, the executives are now interested in an idea where players can play away from the entire world. 

This idea deals with transporting the players into an isolated location, most preferable where the population is not at all crowded. Then, the players would play a lot of matches. On the other side, the media would get content to stream on television for people who are under home quarantine. As much as it seems like a TV Mega-event, it is not. 

The idea is not supposed to be an event marker to generate revenue through the publicity. That being said, even if Liverpool is head and almost done with all the matches in EPL, it is still not to produce revenue. 

The Idea Of Biodome!

According to British lawmakers, the idea of having players plays isolated is interesting., Because, during such a global crisis, the media will have solid content to broadcast. The entire population will be on the hook of watching national sports under home quarantine. That being said, the American Sports League has already given in to the idea and has accepted within a few hours only. 

According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Floro, the idea of this biodome would require planning if the general manager of NFL accepts it It would also mean that looking for an isolated location will be on the run. That being said, once the isolated spot has been found, the NFL team can continue to play and also live until they finish the season.

Here’s how the possibility would land. The NFL team would be taken to the newfound isolated location. In then the players would be sequenced to play until teh season is complete. With respect to that, the accessibility of a lot of fields is required so that every Sunday different games can be played. 

And not only just field, but there would also be a requirement for many houses and rooms for coachees, trainers, players, and broadcasters. All of these requirements are for 17 weeks of the game and 4 weeks for the postseason. But there is another possibility that can be completed. And that is using the Greenbrier for the same idea, which is in West Virginia. Because Greenbrier has a room count of 710. 


Given the approach, more and more rooms need to be built for this. Also, to make sure the money is preserved, making more rooms would be a vital decision. So, to make the NFL team not fall back, the whole sports industry needs to wrap up to make an entire city. 

However, this idea of the city would not have any part of teh world in it. It would in isolation from the rest of the globe. That being said since teh location of this pot is supposed to be in the middle of nowhere, no visitors should also be expected or allowed. Along with this that possibility, it can also be ruled out that players would likely be restricted from visiting their families or letting anyone visit them. 

And that also includes trainers, coaches, security, media, health care workers, lawnmowers, and teh rest of whoever would be a part of this new city. 

Idea Of Biodome Is Not Restricted To Football

The idea of biodome may also have some impact on other leagues, considering if the National Football League manages to make it successful. The idea of it is not just limited to the Football area. But, it has also been acknowledged by the NBA. To give some more light on the spectrum, Brian Windhorst from ESPN added some ideas that can be possible. Such as the use of a Casino property in Las Vegas or using teh ballroom in the Bahamas for broadcasting purposes.

That being said, another suggestion has been added during a conversation. And that is the use of a college campus in the Mid-West. Apparently, the rate of Coronavius transmission has been low in that area. But on the other hand, not many players of North American Professional Sports are likely to be considering it. In a recent podcast, LeBron James mentions that he is not considering the idea and that he shall not be a part of it.

That being said the whole idea of Biodome would come crashing if one of them is tested positive for COVID-19. To have the entire idea and invested investment on the infrastructure crash in moments would be the biggest loss.

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