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Mount & Blade: Mount & Blade Warband is one of the action-packed role-playing games to be played on the PC and on different consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation. The game itself is the standalone expanded version of its predecessor Mount & Blade launched a decade ago back in 2009. Like any other PC game, this game was also first launched for the Windows version but in later times the game got relaunched for different gaming consoles provided by Xbox and the Sony PlayStation.

This second lunch of the Mount and blade includes expansion to different factions of the games that include a new playing environment and other in-game features. The game also includes new political views within the game itself while playing it. The most important thing to this latest game in the line of the Mount and Blade is the inclusion of the multiplayer mode that has been praised by most of the players and has helped the game to get a lot of positive vibes.

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The game mainly deals in being the head of a troop where the player has to control his troops in the proper way like horse-mounted combat, controlling the Warband, and ordering different types of troops in a proper way. As time passed by, the game got launched in different other countries as well like Australia and New Zealand. So, in today’s article, we will be taking a brief look at some of the tips and tricks that can help the player in order to play the game with ease. So, let us go and have a look at some of the cheats and tricks that can help a player to overtake other players in no time.

Mount And Blade: Introduction To The Game

As we have already discussed that the game can be played in single-player mode and also in multiplayer mode. So, the first thing that we can understand is that the game is mostly oriented upon online connectivity which means in order to play the game the player has to connect using any kind of online connectivity. Initially, when a player is starting to play the game, to understand the game and to initiate the game itself the players have to choose the option of the new game through which the players can first have the idea of how to play the game and what are the in-game missions that the players have to complete while playing the game in order to obtain all the exclusive items found in the game while leveling it up.

Now, once the player has got the idea of how to play the game and all other game activities then he or she can start having the online duel within the global players. Now, the game is all about fighting with the other players on a multiplayer platform using the troops and the cavalry the player is getting. So, the main object while playing the game remains to be defeating the opponent using the troops and collecting the different in-game items such as gold, experience, points for weapon proficiency, etc.

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These primary resources will help the player in order to increase the level of the in-game character and the weapons that would help them to level up and win more. Now, sometimes depending upon the situation of the game and the level of the players some of the objectives or missions can be pretty hard to clear for the player itself and that is when they look for some of the tricks that can be applied while playing the game in order to increase the level of the character and the weapons easily. That is why we will try to provide some of the tips and tricks which can be implemented when the players will require so. So let us go and have a look at some of the tips and tricks which can be applied.

Mount And Blade: Tricks To Be Applied

As we have already gone through the playing procedure and the primary objective or target of the game that the players have to fulfill, let us take a look at some of the tricks that we were talking about in order to boost the game using a PC. 

While playing the Mount and blade, there are some specific tricks that the players can apply to enhance the gameplay and boost the resources while playing. So, these are some of the available cheats that the players can apply or use while playing the game itself.  

  • To get the 1000 gold in the inventory the players can use the key combination CTRL+X.
  • CTRL+Shift+F6 key combination can be used in order to knock out all the troops against a party.
  • To knock out one of the against troops the players can use CTRL+F6 key combination.
  • To get 1000 experience points the users can click CTRL+X again.
  • The player can use the combination CTRL+W in order to add 10 points to increase weapon proficiency.
  • In order to give control to an AI, the user can use the key combo of CTRL+F5 that allows the users to have a hands free gameplay.
  • In order to have full health, the player can use CTRL+H.
  • If the player wants to kill their enemies automatically without having a sweat then they can use CTRL+F4.
  • Apart from these cheats, there are also some of the other basic cheats as well such as CTRL+T to see all the parties, CTRL+F9 to have slow motion while playing the game, CTRL+Shift+H to increase the health of the horses, CTRL+ALT+F4 key combination to knock out the enemy troops and others as well.

So, these are some of those tricks and cheats that the players can apply in order to play the game. Now, before including all the cheats the player has to allow the cheats option in the config menu of the Steam so that the cheats can be identified properly.


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