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League of Legends Reviews 2022 : Developed by Riot Game, League of Legends is a mobile game that was released in the year 2009. The game was developed with a beginner’s idea of defence against Ancient beings. Now, the game has evolved with a bigger platform and massive missions. Ever since it’s release, the game won many awards. 

Among those, one popular award for “Online Game of The Year” was “The Golden Joystick Award”. Ever since the year 2014, the number of players has increased. Now, about 64 million players actively play the game. Hence, LoL is played by millions of users and now it is termed as one of the games that are most played in Personal Computers. 

League of Legends Mobile Game: Modes !!

The game has maps, precisely three of them. These three maps are further categorized into three different modes. The first is the “Classic” Mode which players can play using either a 3×3 twisted treeline map or the 5v5 rift map. The second mode is “Dominion” in which players can play a 5v5 match. And lastly, ARAM can also be played in a 5v5 map. 

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All three modes are different and hence their features and items stand out from each other, and each of the modes offers things that the other modes do not offer. 

Game Play

In comparison to another game called DOTA, the learning curve is far less. However, the game focuses more on unity and teamwork and less on having a lead to carry the entire team. The classic mode gameplay is the standard model. In this mode, you can keep farming the gathered minions until they unlock abilities. Also, if you defeat the enemy, you’d received gold and get experience points. 

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Summoner’s Rift

The summoner’s rift can be termed as golden standard gameplay. Users are taken to a base called “Fountains”. From there, users can go into lanes that have been assigned to them. The entire match is carried out within phases. The first phase deals with farming for the attacks. Then, the second phase is all about fighting and farming simultaneously. And, the third is about fighting towers and barons. 

Game Roles

In league Of Legends, users have 6 roles. The list includes Tank, Support, Assassin, Marksman and Fighter. All the 6 roles in the game are responsible for better gameplay. However, only the Support role and the Tank role is the most that are subjective. 

Champions & Items/Customs

The number of champions in the game are over 120. These champions not only have varieties but also skins so that they stand out. One of the most useful aspects of customizing your characters is the ability to change or modify skin. 

Fun fact is that a database of customized skins made by the player, already exist. Even though they are unavailable and invisible for other players to see, some do stand out. Some of them have been chosen by the Riot to be out official for others to get. 

That being said, there is also something called “Runes”. Runes are used to unlock the abilities of your characters. Ther are many runes that boost the stats of characters. Another thing called “Masteries” is decided into three trees. These trees are known to provide bonuses and items to characters. 

Item features for Champions !!

Champions have many combinations that suit the gameplay. Two fine examples of Champion combination would be Fiddlesticks having an hourglass of Zhonya and Ezreal having a Tear. However, it is advisable to not itemize the champions. But, there are some things that you can consider altering in champions.

For example, providing Rabadon’s deathcap to Mage or giving an Infinity Edge to Marksman. Adding item features to the character will increase the damage rate. But, that is not applicable or all. It is essential to know a few things such as the character’s role, the champion’s role, and how the game is proceeding. 

For example, if the game is going on a downward spiral and you’re on the losing end, then opt for increasing your defence. 

Final Verdict

The final verdict is that League Of Legends is a great game. The Developer team Riot pays attention to the LoL community. There have been some major changes in the game including champions and skins. And of course, it has happened due to the intake of feedback from users. The game is set to grow more hence there’s always more to look out for.

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