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While searching for Coin Master free spins today you have come to the right place. We understand its need and know how important it is for you. This post of ours includes not only today’s links, but previous ones as well. So now you don’t need to worry. Because you can get gifts from old links along with new links.

We want to tell you that free spins and coins for coin master are safe. Because we tested these to work before adding them!

invite your facebook friends

This is the best way to get free spins. Every time you invite a friend on Facebook to play the game and they join the game, you can get 40 Coin Master Free Spins. So make sure that your friend has accepted your invitation and downloaded the game. But if your friends are already playing the game then this method is not for you.

give each other gifts

But you don’t need to be sad. Because you can also receive and give gifts from your friends who are already playing the game. You and your friends can gift each other Coin Master daily for free spins and coins! In this way you can get 100 spins per day and progress in the game.

Along with this, there is another method that you might know about. The way is that you get 5 free spins every hour every day in coin master game. Meaning the more you weigh, the more spin you will get. But we know this method is not easy. For this we will tell you 5 more ways.

Coin Master Tips and Tricks

trick for coins

You are always susceptible to potential raids taking out a large portion of the coins you hold on Coin Master. This is the reason why you should always spend coins and not save them whenever you are able to make a purchase. If you do this then you can go into harm’s way. This is especially important if you’re out of shields or you haven’t unlocked Rhino Pet yet! For this, take special care of this thing.

Having a large stock of coins in your pocket makes you a prime target for big raids. A big raid is a max wager that, if successful, could end up with the raider running with your millions of coins! For this you need to play carefully.

Earnings from big raids will increase

In coin master game you have a ton of coin master free spins at your disposal, so this is good for you, as it can be tempting to increase your bet amount and enjoy the multiplied spin bonus. This is a completely viable way to accelerate your coin earning. This will fill your pocket.

In your mobile you can see above the slot machine in coin master game which is assigned to you. Also you can see their current coin stores. You have to save your bets for Coin Masters with tons of coins. Since the number of coins you earn from a raid is proportional to the amount of coins the player places on them. You probably know this. By using only the maximum bet on Amir Coin Masters, you have the chance to earn a lot of money in a very short time. Hope you don’t want to lose this mike. So play the game very wisely.

One more thing to keep in mind is that if you are going for big raids, you should always equip Fox as your active pet. Fox is of great use to you in print. Because it gives you another shovel to dig in during the raid.

Buy chests in every village

As you might know, individual cards do not provide any bonuses, but card collections have to be completed. When entering a new village in Coin Master you should always buy as many chests as you can afford. Because it becomes more challenging to obtain lower-level cards as you level up the village, the early stages are the best places to get lower-level cards. That would be wise too. Otherwise you will have to repent later.

Don’t waste your pet’s bonus

As you probably know, the boosting effect of your pet in the Coin Master mobile game is only available four hours after you activate it. That’s why we recommend that if you can’t play for four hours, you should activate your pet until you have a four-hour window, which you can dedicate to Coin Master. By doing this you can give proof of being a good player.

Did you know this also applies to defensive rhinos; When your base is under siege, it will not defend against attacks unless you specifically send it out to do so. For this you have to think and take some action. Let us now know how to get coin master free spins.

coin master free spins

It is our endeavor that we can provide you free spins and coins. For this we have done a lot of work and collected spin links from different places and made them available here. So that you can play the game well.

We have checked whether these spins work or not. We are glad to tell you that this method works. This is because these links were provided by the official Coin master. That’s why you can trust them.

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