5 Best PS4 Game 2018 | You Must Include Them in Your PS4 Game Library

bestps4 games 2018

Since the year 2013 when PlayStation 4 was launched globally, the PS4 has been popular with the game geeks. And this is only because of the selection of games it comes up every year. Exclusively created by Sony, the PlayStation 4 games have journeyed a hugely successful way with a range of genres ranging from the first-person shooters to action-packed game, along with racing, puzzles, and other interesting games. Today We “ll discuss best PS4 Game 2018.

Best PS4  Game 2018 List

If you’re just new to the PS4 and you are planning to get some interesting selections for your PS4, then it may be an off-putting job to some extent. Because every PS4 game appears to be highly thrilling, you need to be careful while picking up PS4 games for the first time.

Here in this post, we have collected some best PS4 games of 2018 that you must include in your game gallery if you want to enjoy your PlayStation 4 to the fullest.

Find every essential thing about the best PS4 games that you must know before you put them in your game gallery:

God of War- PS4 Game

ps4 game list 2018


  • Extremely stunning
  • So many gameplay to enjoy
  • A thrilling combat system that gives you the best gaming experience
  • A high-end combat system that defines the characters perfectly
  • Zero load screens
  • Kratos


  • The climax is somehow not as much as exciting—it falls flat when the game comes to an end

The God of War has certainly created the best impression on the PS4 lovers. With more than 50+ hours of exciting gameplay, it gives almost everything that a PS4 game geek wishes for. You must try out this game if you are selecting the top PS4 games 2018.

Marvel’s Spider-Man:


  • Unbelievable Moves and act as if a real spider-man is travelling the city
  • Spider-man quips to give you a stunning experience
  • An action-packed punching with webs
  • Fanservice


  • There is no any serious drawback in the Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 game  Marvel’s Spider-Man comes loaded with an amazing and interesting fun that you must enjoy. It does allure the comic book fans as they find a slew of thrilling games with the high traveling speed of spider-man.Since the story doesn’t have a prolonged background as it ends within 20 hours, however, it will give you a lot of exciting things to enjoy. From real-like spider-man wear to some of the city’s popular places, you will always feel as a real spider-man is traveling all across the city while playing the game on PlayStation 4.

Far Cry 5 


  • More interesting and thrilling than the previous edition
  • Tough villains with their own style and techniques
  • Amazing war game in the most captivating background
  • More challenging levels

Based in the illusory Hope County, Montana, Far Cry 5 will give so many thrilling levels which you have to win on your adventure. The forceful villains are tough to outplay as they are armed with sophisticated tools and weapons. But you can also upgrade your weapons using the gadgets while fighting with the villains.

It is all filled with a lot of exciting fun that you must experience on your PlayStation 4 game.


Unlike war games, the Hitman series is based on a secrecy assassination. It was launched as an episodic game with six amazing episodes. And every episode gives the ultimate fun with a lot of challenges.

Being one of the best PS4 games of all time, the Hitman game provides the players with amazing background along with thrilling challenges to face. It will make you feel the real conspiracy as you will see the characters in goofy attires doing a well-executed assassination.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain:

bestps4 game 2018

Designed by Hideo Kojima, the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the 5th edition of long-running stealth spying PS4 game series that has earned tons of popularity with the game geeks. Known as the best selling PS4 games 2018, it offers a carefully-calculated gameplay that helps the players outplay every challenges and mission in nearly boundless methods along with an exciting way of building up a mercenary army to take on every challenge in the gameplay.  




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